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Focus on LED splicing areas, the strength!

Shenzhen, the United States made a high-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a research, design, production, maintenance, sales, after-sales and system integration as one of the high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2009, we are specialized in the field of liquid crystal display technology and the level of maturity in the field of electronics quickly.

ISO9000 management system certification

"Technology-based, service-oriented" business philosophy, the formation of research, production, sales and after-sales service system through-train and adopted the ISO9000 management system certification, production technology more scientific, standardized and large-scale.

To create the field of domestic LED LCD first-line brand

The company after seven years of development to explore, with the "high-profile" well-known brands.

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  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    LED display applications which areas: LED display backlighting the county it is the most widely used in a field. Accounting for 40% of its applications or more. Large screen display is mainly used in public places, such as airports, stations, ports, securities trading halls, financial institutions, stadiums, exhibitions, shopping centers, dispatching command center, advertising media, on the screen display text, graphics and Digital information, for information dissemination, advertising, news reporting and cultural entertainment.  As the advertising, because the image screen can be displayed day and night activities of the image, so the effect is far better than neon billboards. Installed in the waiting room (machine) room of the big screen, is mainly used to release the arrival time trips, aircraft flight dynamic information, the middle can also be advertising and news reports and other content.  The use of large-screen display in the stadium and racetrack, the LE...
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